Feeding your troops

Once you start training a lot of troops, you will notice your food supply dropping and the numbers at the top of your base screen will flash red indicating that you are using the food faster than your base can produce it. Don't panic. First, your troops will not starve to death or run away … Continue reading Feeding your troops


Commander Presets

Raising your VIP level will unlock a commander preset. More are unlocked by research in Battle Tactics. Commander presets allow you to switch between gear sets and commander skill sets easily for different tasks. You will never have enough skill points to do everything you want to do on one commander. By setting up commander … Continue reading Commander Presets

The answer is research

How do I increase my deployment size? Why am I getting killed by smaller bases? How do I send/ receive more resources from trading? How can I put more traps on my wall? What should I focus on first? etc. The answer is almost always research. The level of your base buildings will affect many … Continue reading The answer is research


Daily to-do list

Daily Milestones Challenge: Collect your global gifts as well as the little blue crates that pop up in the same location and do your missions. Free accounts can not use ultimate attack mode to score points, so ask for daily or alliance chances from alliance members to help you complete your goal. You will need … Continue reading Daily to-do list


Starter Gear

Equipping your commander with the right gear can make a huge difference. There is equipment for training, research, construction, attack, and defense among other things. The best gear has to be bought, but there are pieces you can manufacture that will help a lot. You can access your manufacturing menu by tapping your armory inside … Continue reading Starter Gear


Hitting base level 22

The first big challenge for a free/cheap account is upgrading your base to level 22. You can not go higher than level 22 without buying a pack (Note: some players have reported a voucher challenge offering the level 23 blueprint, but I have yet to see this challenge on either account). You need 1000 legendary … Continue reading Hitting base level 22


The Basics

I have numbered a few places in the picture above.I will refer to those numbers in this post. I will refer to the screen above as your base screen. There is also a map screen and various menu screens. I will get to those later. First task is to get oriented. In the upper left … Continue reading The Basics