Deployment presets

Using deployment presets in battle will get you much better results than just hitting "queue max" and save you lots of time compared to adjusting your sliders before each attack. First, tap your training grounds, then tap deployment presets: Next, Select a preset to edit and scroll to the troop type you want to use. … Continue reading Deployment presets


Troop Basics

There's a lot to go over regarding troops, training, and attacking. This post is a starter guide. I will delve into the issues in more depth later. If you tap your training grounds, you will bring up the menu you see in the screen shot above. When you hear someone refer to tier 1 troops … Continue reading Troop Basics

Feeding your troops

Once you start training a lot of troops, you will notice your food supply dropping and the numbers at the top of your base screen will flash red indicating that you are using the food faster than your base can produce it. Don't panic. First, your troops will not starve to death or run away … Continue reading Feeding your troops


A few things you can not do for free

Mobile strike is a free-to-play but pay-to-win game. That is just the nature of it. You can have a lot of fun on a free or $5 account, but there are a few things that you can not do: Upgrade your headquarters to level 23 or higher. Sorry, you need a blueprint for level 23. … Continue reading A few things you can not do for free


Commander Support

Commander support is a set of skills you will find on the right side of your commander skill tree starting at commander level 62. Maximum support can be achieved at commander level 84 currently. It is important to set up a dedicated preset for support (mine also includes resource help skills) or make sure one … Continue reading Commander Support


Commander Presets

Raising your VIP level will unlock a commander preset. More are unlocked by research in Battle Tactics. Commander presets allow you to switch between gear sets and commander skill sets easily for different tasks. You will never have enough skill points to do everything you want to do on one commander. By setting up commander … Continue reading Commander Presets


Build, Research, Train, Repeat Challenge

My number one tool in growing Kit the way that I have is the Build, Research, Train, Repeat challenge. Before base level 22, the rewards in this challenge are not great, but after level 22 they become game changers. Restricted files, gear, mods, commendations, instant eliminations, gold, vip points by the billion, and commander xp … Continue reading Build, Research, Train, Repeat Challenge