Using deployment presets in battle will get you much better results than just hitting “queue max” and save you lots of time compared to adjusting your sliders before each attack.

First, tap your training grounds, then tap deployment presets:


Next, Select a preset to edit and scroll to the troop type you want to use. Kit has all mercenary t5 troops, and can not deploy traps, so her presets are easy. You will set what percentage of your deployment will be made up of each type of troop by either adjusting the slider or tapping the number beside it and entering an exact value. I generally use 33% infantry, 33% tactical, 33% armored vehicles, and 1% artillery. I set my trap deployments for Cat the same way.


Once you have selected your troops, tap “update” to save the preset. You can use it by tapping the little numbers at the top of the deployment screen.

Kit has no real need for more than one deployment preset, but for Cat I have several:

  1. Gathering: all t4s (my lowest tier troops), used for farming resource tiles.
  2. T6 attack: a deployment of all tier 6 troops for when tier 7s or 8s would be overkill.
  3. T7 solo: a full deployment of mercenary t7 troops and a 30% deployment of traps.
  4. T7 rally: a mixture of merc, advanced, and normal t7s of all types plus a full deployment of traps.
  5. T8 solo: 100% merc t8 troops and 30% merc t8 traps
  6. T8 rally: Mix of merc, adv, and normal t8s with full traps

I usually deploy 30% of the traps I could send for 2 reasons: #1. they are very expensive to replace. #2. my deployment size is so large now that I can”t even fill 3 full deployments with the traps my wall will hold.


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