There’s a lot to go over regarding troops, training, and attacking. This post is a starter guide. I will delve into the issues in more depth later.

If you tap your training grounds, you will bring up the menu you see in the screen shot above. When you hear someone refer to tier 1 troops or t1s, they are referring to the top row of troops. Tier 2 troops or t2s are the second row, and so on. The columns represent the types: Infantry, Tactical, Armored, and Artillery. The green numbers 1-3 are where you click to access the classes: regular, advanced, and mercenary. Green Number 4 will bring up the deployment presets menu (More on that in a later blog post).

Higher tier troops are stronger than lower tiers. Unlock higher tier troops by completing research in Combat, Advanced Combat, Mercenary Combat, and Ultimate Combat. A single t6 can kill over a million t1s. We tested that to see. Here is a screen shot where I placed t1s on an encampment and let a friend hit them with a single t6. 1,208,401 t1s died compared to 1 t6.


The types each have different strengths and weaknesses. I compare the first three types to the game paper, rock, scissors. Infantry kills armored vehicles; armored vehicles kill tactical; tactical kills infantry. Artillery are only good for destroying traps; they are weak to all other troop types. Train artillery sparingly. They will die in droves in any major battle.

The classes get progressively stronger. Normal troops are basic, advanced are a little better, and mercenaries are the strongest. DEPENDING ON YOUR RESEARCH. If you have finished research in combat but only started research in mercenary combat, your regular troops will be stronger than your mercenaries.

It is faster and cheaper to train lower tier troops, so it can be handy to keep a few around for gathering or to use as shields. In an attack, lower tier troops die first. This can serve to protect your higher tiers and your commander, but it means you will often lose more troops than your attacker, thus gaining a “defeat” on the battle.

If you want to get rid of troops without getting them killed, you can do so by tapping the troops you want to get rid of, then tapping “stats”, then using the slider at the bottom and the “dismiss” button.



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