Once you start training a lot of troops, you will notice your food supply dropping and the numbers at the top of your base screen will flash red indicating that you are using the food faster than your base can produce it. Don’t panic.

First, your troops will not starve to death or run away if your food supply reaches zero. I kept Kit’s food supply at zero deliberately for a while as I was building. I simply left the food in the crates and opened them as I needed them for research. This eventually became too difficult because I had so many hungry troops that they would eat the food faster than I could use it for my research.

You can try building more farms and using production boosts, but that will only work for so long. The best option is to reduce your upkeep as much as possible, hopefully to zero. Here’s how:

Step 1: Equip a 5 day large 50% upkeep reduction boost. You can buy these with gold or another alliance member can gift them to you.


Step 2: Set your gear and/or mods. Many gear sets include a helmet that has a 50% upkeep reduction built in. This combined with step 1 will give you zero upkeep. Kit uses the anniversary helmet she got from her $5 pack. If you don’t have a good helmet, check your mods. there is a 5% upkeep reduction mod. add that to 5 of the 7 pieces of gear you have equipped to add up to a 25% reduction, then move on to step 3.


Step 3: If you do not have your upkeep down to zero after those steps, you need to add skill points to your commander skill tree on upkeep efficiency. You will find this on the right side of the tree. The maximum is 25%, so you will have to combine this with the mods and boosts above.


If you can not get your upkeep to zero because you don’t have the helmets or the mods, just follow the steps above and then add a production boost and more farms. Keep your food in crates until it is time to use it.


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